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Great Work For Good People.

DO is a brand and digital agency working across all channels, using only great ideas to give your business a creative soul.

Led with over 30 years experience by David Orkisz & Carolyn Gordon, we are small, but malleable and infinitely scaleable.

Our goal is to mould outstanding creative work for people and products we believe in, and we can be picky when choosing who we work with. We may have to challenge you, and you will have to trust us, however, if you have an open mind, we have open arms.

The Full Service.

Although brand design is at our core, our vast experience, and passion, across digital and physical spaces, make those aspects hard to ignore. So, whatever the scope, and across all channels, we are well equipped.

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With experience across both advertising and design, David has over 10 years experience in the creative industry. He believes simplicity is imperative to the most effective solution, attaching well-crafted design aesthetic to great ideas. Previously with Whitespace in Edinburgh and more recently Sapient Nitro in London, he is seen here staring wistfully, at nothing in particular.



With nearly 20 years experience first as a designer and then a project manager, Carolyn has almost unrivalled knowledge of every aspect of the design process, whatever the channel. Most recently Account Director at Whitespace, she felt it was time to bring her direct, considered approach to projects which matter most to her. She is seen here wearing a large novelty kitten head.

Past Clients.


Finally, if you would like us to pitch, it shows that you like what we do (hooray!). That makes us feel good. However, if you would like us to pitch for free, it shows that you don’t value what we do.

As a result, unfortunately, we do not take part in free creative pitches. Paying us for the work that we do gets the very best out of us. And allows us to eat.


RTW Studios, 40 Constitution Street
Edinburgh, EH6 6RS